Inner Peace / Spirituality

When was the last time you took a minute to sit and enjoy the moment? If you’re having trouble remembering it’s time to call Covenant Coaching & Wellness of Fort Smith, Arkansas. We are ready to help you regain your inner peace and spiritual solitude.

Alongside DeeDee Autry, you will go through a journey of self-discovery and processing. Often inner peace is just outside of our reach because of unresolved issues. Those issues can build up and cause quite the stir in your head. This happens to us all. Sometimes all it takes is a safe, supportive place to offload and regroup to regain that warm feeling of peace. Covenant Coaching & Wellness of Fort Smith, Arkansas, offers this coaching both onsite and virtually.

Covenant Coaching & Wellness provides a full range of services to help you realize your full potential, from personal growthachieving life balanceprofessional development, and inner peace and spirituality, to weight loss & wellness.

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